Thursday, 4 February 2016

7 tips to run business competently.

To run along with the pace of this competitive world, you must establish a firm business strategy; otherwise, you will be out of the business in no time. Management efficiency is the most important tool to run any business that brings back profit. You must make sure that your employees’ feels safe and secure working with you; you satisfy your customers and still manage to bag profit for your company. Here are few tips that can help you in doing these with much and less effort.
Global Business Advisor
                            Global Business Advisor

1.            Safe and secure working environment – your employees are working for the company's benefits 24X7, so it’s your prime responsibility to make them well informed of your business plans and strategy so that they can take prompt action to the sudden economic changes. By this, you can step ahead of your competitors. You can take the help of any management consultant, who can advise you with practical experience by which you can develop, your business growth.

2.            Productive on the go – as some of the Best corporate business consultants suggest, there must be easy means communication between employees and employer. This helps the employee to retrieve any information anytime; VPN is also an important tool to help this.

3.            Hire Best corporate business consultants – corporate business holds the responsibility to let you know about the latest market trends and speculate on the market functioning. You can trust on their experience and frame your upcoming business strategies.

4.            Guideline – a proper corporate consultant frame guideline for the workers that if followed can generate high profit and generate positive returns for the company. A well-framed guideline helps in knowing the annual productivity of each employee and thus can aid in forming the health report of the company.
5.            Customer Communication Streamline – all employees need to keep their phone linked to the CRM, which helps in developing a strong bond with the customers. They enjoy the facility of communication with the company anytime. This increases the satisfaction level of the customers and they remain stick to your company.
6.            Partnership business – joint venture business increases company’s productivity and owner’s security. Some large companies believe in partnership business as it save the company from running into huge loss and give more security to the employees as well. Moreover, investment in a new city is best when done tying up with the business houses of that specific city where you are planning to invest. If you are new in this field you can always get advice from Joint venture business consultants. 

7.            Planning and Initial industrial strategies – Joint venture business consultants handle development strategies, financial management, set up secretarial and reporting generation and budgetary control process. They look into strategic and calculated scheduling for long-term tax saving project financing solution. These joint venture companies handle negotiation with banking and financial sectors and thus prepare the project that are easily get approved by the banks and arrange for pre-investment reports for the upcoming and existing business projects for the medium and small business sector. 

So, in this year increase your company’s productivity by these few tips and consult experienced business consulting company to streamline your business to rule your industry. 

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Monday, 4 January 2016

We Are In The Business Of Serving Small And Medium Businesses And Professionals

Development of strategies for implementing start-up industrial and commercial ventures from conception to completion; sourcing, negotiating and implementing foreign collaborations for some unique and virgin (first time in the country) industrial projects; project progress monitoring, financial management, setting up accounting and reporting systems and procedures and budgetary control systems; strategic and tactical planning for long term tax effective project financing solutions, negotiating with development finance institutions and banks and preparing project feasibility and pre-investment reports for the new and existing commercial and industrial projects in the medium and small business sector.
We completed more than 130 industrial and commercial projects in a range of industries such as food processing, packaging, chemicals / pharmaceuticals, engineering/metallurgical, electrical/electronics, commercial property and education institutions projects.
                 Global Business Advisor

In Australia we are serving a large number of Small and medium businesses Advisor and professionals and our services, IN ADDITION to those listed above, include: financial and management accounting, financial control, budgeting, overseas market promotion and taxation services.
Our CEO is Gambhir Watts MALP (Sydney) FTIA FAIM MAICD FBIM (UK) FRSA (UK). He has been our inspiring force since 1980. Prior to that Gambhir worked for top national banks in managerial positions for more than 10 years helping and developing small and medium businesses. The academic and professional qualifications of Gambhir Watts acquired in India, UK and Australia include. Master of Commerce (Bombay); Fellowship of Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India; Certified Membership of the Association of Indian Institute of Bankers; Certified Membership of Chartered Institute of Bankers UK; Graduate of the CPA Program Australia and Master of Administrative Law & Policy (Sydney).